Table Top Sales


Over the course of the year, the project has various table top days which everyone is invited to, including YOU! 

These Table top sales contain a brilliant range of items and refreshments, all served with a welcoming smile from members of the community and the charity. 

If you are interested in attending these events, please do not hesitate to contact Hazel on the button below, or just by turning up at the designated place and time shown on the slides below.

From here you will be able to see upcoming events which EVERYONE is welcome to attend and opportunities for your help with the charity to make a significant difference no matter how great or small. Previous events can be seen within the Gallery.

Interaction Days 2018


Throughout the year of 2018, We will be hosting interaction days at Sports Pavillion, Sproatley. During these days, enthusiastic committee members will be volunteering their efforts to create engaging and stimulating activities for children and young adults. Across alternating weeks, the charity will host activities by science people and art people,which are certificated. Alongside these events, keen members of the charity and committee will provide an enjoyable learning environment, which is funded by local fund-raising. 

These interaction days are designed to help SEN children to become more social within a learning environment which caters for them through understanding and patience. This understanding of SEN has aided children's development over previous years and events and is looking to continue throughout the year of 2018 and onwards. 

If you are interested and require more information, please contact Hazel

Breakfast with Santa 2018

Towards the end of the year, the charity goes along with the festivities of Christmas and allows Breakfast with Santa. 


When here, the children can meet Santa, receive a gift and have breakfast within the company of Santa.

For More information or if you would like to book your child's place, please contact Hazel for available dates.

Summer Fayre 2018


With the Summer weather fast approaching, we as a charity organise a yearly summer fair. This year, on 8th July at Aldbrough Sports Hall, you can join us in an excitement, fun filled day.

This Year, We will be hosting "Its A Knockout" Event where teams will be competing to get through the inflatable course! 

Christmas Fayre 

25th November 2018

Christmas Fayre

Sproatley Pavillion

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