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Make It Shine SEN Project

Hi and a very warm welcome to our website and the Make It Shine SEN Project.

Our aim is to raise funds to create a classroom or building where all special educational needs (SEN) children and their families and carers can meet, interact and have fun days learning and building friendships. The facility will be free to those who use it, and will be located on the East Coast of Yorkshire to offer support and advice.

We have a strong committee who invest a lot of their time and effort into the fundraising needed for the classroom studies and interactive activities. The children who benefit from our interactive days are mostly home schooled and desperately need a local SEN interactive group on the east coast. 

This is where you could make a difference. We need to get our message out there so just tell someone, anyone and ask them to do the same so the word spreads. Getting ourselves heard is only the beginning because we need whatever you can give...your time as a volunteer, as a sponsor/patron for our campaign, raising money on our behalf, donating items for recycling, ideas for events or simply making a donation...and whatever you can give will be truly appreciated by all of us. 

We are very fortunate to have three amazing patrons Dennis, our original patron and now recently onboard Phil and Caroline.

Dennis is from Densholme Farm and was the first patron of our charity. His work over the past years has been invaluable and we've appreciated all your efforts and support in all our fundraising efforts. 

Phil Burton is the business owner of Maple Garage, Sproatley. He is a 3rd generation local business owner and supporter of local community and charities. He's lived in Holderness all his life and was originally born in Aldbrough. He's the proud father of Oliver, which he proudly announces as his proudest achievement of all. He's hard working, dedicated and happy to help people when he can. 

Caroline Basham is the owner of Farmyard Friends Nursery, Mappleton. She is married and has two wonderful children and has a true passion for the countryside. She's been a qualified nursery nurse for over thirty years and obtained her degree in Early Years 10 years ago. This passion and drive lead her to open Farmyard Friends in 2007, where her aim was and still is to this date, to educate young children within the rural communities. Her hobbies include pottery and clay work and she loves spending time with family including her beautiful dog and going to the North Yorkshire Moors as much as she can!

This pic of Lynda and I was taken at Densholme after I had officially opened the Make it Shine Annual Summer Fair a few years ago when I was President of Rotary. I am a retired police officer and Lynda retired Pensions Manager of The ERYC council. We are proud Wessies but have lived in Hornsea for nearly 20 years. We are both honoured to be associated with the The Make it Shine SEN Project. It is with great sadness that we at Make it shine SEN Project announce the passing of our patron and ambassador Keith Twigg. Keith was a true gentleman, his humour, generosity and outstanding personality will truly be missed by all. Our thoughts are with his lovely wife Lynda and all his family

Thank you to all of you for your support with our charity in the past and we look forward to working with you for the foreseeable future!

Dennis from Densholme Farm
Our Patron

Maple Garage.JPG

Phil from Maple Garage
Our Patron

Caroline Farmyard.jpg

Caroline from Farmyard Friends
Our Patron

Keith and Lynda Twigg our newest patrons

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